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Physiology for Pharmacy 1 (0551214)

This Physiology course will present concepts of tissue functions that will be important in understanding subsequent studies in other materials like Pathology, Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy. In addition to systemic functions, this course will address also integrative regulatory mechanisms responsible for maintenance of homeostasis in the normal human and the alterations which occur in these mechanisms leading to specific disease processes.

The course tackles physiological topics such as: Introduction to physiology, Transport through plasma membranes, excitability of plasma membrane, Nerve and Muscle physiology, Autonomic nervous system, Body fluids and Blood physiology, Physiology of Cardiovascular system and finally the physiology of the Respiratory system.

This course is a pre-requisite for Physiology II. After knowing the normal functions of systems that will be given, the student can deduce alterations that may occur which gives him/her better understanding of pathology and pharmacology courses.